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        What is capswitch capacitor switch

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        What is capswitch capacitor switch?

        A Medium voltage or High voltage Capacitor switch or Capswitch is a special switchgear for application in switching capacitive load network.

        This special Capswitch or capacitor switch can be vacuum type or SF6 gas type. Which is C2,C3 class type special switchgear.

        Rockwill's RCS type capacitor switch is a vacuum interrupting technology,solid insulation type capswitch.

        What is the difference between

        load break switch and Capacitor switch or Capswitch?

        Load break switch is a ordinary switchgear for switching in no extrem condition application like no harmonic current & voltage, without big over-voltage network.

        Capswitch or Capacitor switch is a special switch for application in capacitive load network, which is in extrem bad condition network when the capswitch is switching on/off line, so if it is normal switch it is not able to switching on/off load completely,cause of lots problem like, blast the switches/capacitors, burnt the lines/switches/capacitors,demage the network, failed the relay protection and machines, etc..

        RCS type Capacitor switch/Capswitch is a reliable switchgear and widely using over world.

        Which is full complied with IEEE/ANSI C37.66 standard

        More details please consult with us.

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